Eyelash Extensions!

We will now be offering eyelash extensions with our new Lash Tech Carmela.
'I have been qualified for 2.5 years and absolutely love lashing! I enjoy creating individual looks for each client and watching the transformation from start to finish.

I offer 3 different styles of eyelash extensions;

Classic lashes, these are applied individually one extension to one natural lash creating a fuller and thicker lash.

Hybrid lashes, these are applied in the same way and are a mix of classic and Russian lash extensions

Russian volume lashes are much finer and allow for 3d-6d fans to be created and applied to individual natural lashes. Russian lashes create a much fluffier and fuller lash, they can be very natural or glamorous depending on the desired effect.

A full set of lashes will take approximately 2 hours to complete whilst infills are usually 1 hour.

Patch testing and consultation. 
We will work together to discuss what you want from your eyelash extensions and your desired look. I will patch test every product that I will use in a full set. This process includes the application of 2 eyelashes to the outer of each eye.'

Between 18th October - 23rd November Carmela will be doing an introductory offer of £10 off your first treatment.

KaiLee Hair